Complex Services

The company ENVI. Ltd. takes all client´s responsibility for services provided in all environmental areas - the so-called "Outsourcing". The complex services include external cooperation with a client starting from identification of environmental duties, elaborating necessary decisions and documentation to keeping the required environmental level of waste site. The aim is to comply a waste site with valid legislation regarding environmental policies of a company.

The Company ENVI Ltd. Offers

Regular physical examination of a client´s waste site for the purpose of keeping valid environmental acts and proposing corrective measures, improvements

Elaborating complex environmental documentation

Ensuring and elaborating the bases for required decisions in accordance with valid environmental legislation

Updating documentation

Keeping documentation on waste creation and treatment with it according to valid legislation

Elaborating necessary reports (Reporting on waste creation and treatment with it)

Leading negotiations on behalf of our client with state authorities on the environment

Environmental consulting and training courses

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