Elaborating Documentation

We offer elaborating a complete documentation on the environment and in other related areas. We ensure elaborating new documentation and updating existing one in accordance with valid legislation.

Waste Management Services

Elaborating Measures in case of emergency (Emergency plan)
Elaborating Waste Management Programme
Elaborating Identification lists of hazardous waste
Keeping waste documentation
Reporting on waste creation and treatment with it
Ensuring and elaborating basis for issuing decisions by state authorities in accordance with Waste Management Acts
Professional consulting in accordance with valid waste management legislation


Reporting on emissions of polluting substances
Calculation of air-pollution fees
Elaborating operational documentation of air pollution sources
Ensuring and elaborating bases for issuing decision on putting air-pollution source into operation

Water System Management

Elaborating Plan of preventive measures against the creation of uncontrolled leakage of hazardous substances to the environment and for taking steps in case of their leakage (Emergency plan)
Elaborating Operational orders for water system construction (sewerage, storage...)

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