EIA Environmental Impact Assessment

The Act of the National Council of the Slovak Republic No.24/2006 Coll. adjusts assessing environmental influences and it helps evaluating direct and indirect influences of the proposed activity, a designed structure, environmental change of a structure. The main purpose of Act is to explain and to compare advantages and disadvantages of the proposed activity as well as to determine measures which are useful in environment pollution prevention or at least in minimalizing its pollution.

The role of investors, developers, companies is to elaborate EIA documentation /Environmental Impact Assessment/ necessary for permission process according to special regulations. EIA consists of elaborating an Objective /ascertaining execution/ or an Evaluation Report /obligatory evaluation/ on the basis of appendix No. 8 quoted act. EIA process is referred to various compulsory steps at the end of which there are: elaborating an expert opinion and the final statement.

The company ENVI, Ltd. offers complex elaborating of EIA documentation and also elaborating of an expert opinion on the proposed activity by professionally authorized person.

The Company ENVI, Ltd. Offers:

Elaborating an Objective (ascertaining execution)
Elaborating an Evaluation Report (obligatory evaluation)
Elaborating an expert opinion
Participation in public negotiations
Consulting during the whole process of EIA

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