Separated Waste Collection

ENVI Ltd. offers towns and villages consulting in separated waste collection and fulfilling legislative obligations according to the Act No. 79/2015 Coll. on waste Subsequent Amendment which adjusts town or village duties towards resiedent population.

Our consulting services include elaborating separated waste projects /waste classification, determination of place for waste, the most suitable placement of containers, their marking and identification, elaborating flowchart, design for promotional materials...etc./

Training Courses

Within our offer of services we can ensure training with a wide range of the company ENVI, Ltd. activities in all environment sections. All types of our training courses are designed both for individuals and groups. They can be practised right at a client´s place and within the extent chosen by each client individually.

Our training courses are focused mainly on extending the amount of information and professional skills of each company personnel. Some of our training courses are reflecting also the needs of valid legislation, as e.g. employee retraining in Emergency Plans, handling and treatment with waste, requirements determined by updated environmental acts and many others.

During our training course practised at a client´s place, we can answer various questions and talk about different problems concerning the company involved and at the same time they become the main subject of training activitie

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